Build Rapid Estimates and Winning Bids with XactRemodel

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Every job starts with a winning bid

But it's not just about the bid. It's also about getting a precise estimate of material and labor costs—and effectively managing your remodeling project through to completion.

XactRemodel helps you produce comprehensive estimates for remodeling projects of all types and sizes—helping you to win more bids and maximize profits.


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Build Rapid Estimates and Winning Bids

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Powered by local pricing data

Optimized for winning bids

Flexible for estimating whenever, wherever

Intuitive line item selection combines with Quick Estimate templates so you can scope your project in as little as a few seconds—right on the job site.

With XactRemodel's always-current, local price database of more than 10,000 line items, you can quickly build precise, competitive estimates—with the option to adjust unit cost and markup for every line item as needed.

In your vehicle, in your office, or in the home of your prospective customer, XactRemodel lets you prepare your estimate when and where you need to.

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Fast, precise project estimates

  • Mobile app
  • Quick estimates
  • Line item customization
  • Measurements tool 
  • Local pricing data
  • Customizable reports  
  • Track bid status 


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XactRemodel Studio

Enhanced, visual project estimates

<- Everything in XactRemodel GO

  • 2D floorplan creation 
  • View floorplans in 3D
  • Draw roofs
  • Add multiple levels
  • Estimate directly on floorplans
  • Generate line items automatically 
  • Line item quick search
  • Track estimate status
  • Manage estimates and jobs

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